Into The Infinite Darkness

by Never Light

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"Into The Infinite Darkness was originally made in 2011. It had 10 tracks including a remix of Eternal Star Sea. At the time I had no intention of developing it around a story. Like usual I create tracks over time and then later discover, after listening to them, that some fit well with others in terms of their sound, direction and emotion. What I discovered halfway through making this album in 2011, was that it was very space-like. I've always had a lot of love for sci-fi films, simply to see what other peoples imaginations are capable of and hopefully finding some new source of inspiration. So when I discovered the direction to the album, I then went to complete the other half. The problem was that I didn't want everything to sound the same and had to somehow find a new path to it, which would make me create something slightly more dynamic. I then came up with a story about an obsessive astronaut and ended up making the album into a sort of soundtrack to a film I never made. I did however, write some notes down about the general path this character takes as he goes into space and eventually sacrifices his own crew to reach his crazy goal of complete wonder and loneliness. I've no idea where the idea came from, whether that's how I was feeling at the time or whether I was inspired by a film with a similar pulse. Still, I made the album and have never forgotten about it but the main things missing from the 2011 release was the story. I had written it and made it to look like top secret documents from NASA and inside it detailed the journey of the astronaut going into space. I never really had the platform to release the story so that's why no one ever saw it and listening to the album without reading the story doesn't work that well. The project idea was to stick the album on and read what's written for each track as you listen. So now the story is available here on my bandcamp page as PDF download with the album and the intended experience to the album/ soundtrack can be had by all. I could've done an audiobook with me reading over the tracks but I think it's better to listen and read quietly, that way your imagination starts to picture everything better and more vividly in your own way.

This year I've decided to mix and re-master the album with what I've learnt since 2011. I also went rummaging around into my external hard drives finding some b-sides and tracks made at around the same time as the album way back when. There's some notable tracks here that come from inspiration found in films and video games. "Moon Dust" is greatly inspired by Clint Mansell's soundtrack to Duncan Jone's Moon, starring Sam Rockwell. And "The Final Effect" is inspired by the end credit music to Mass Effect 2 (video game). They all brought back some memories and it also made me realise how long in the making this album has taken to get to this point of a more rounded release with the inclusion of the written story to boot. Moon was released in 2009 which basically means it took about 2 years for this album to come together. Add on another 6 months or so of me sorting out the other unreleased tracks for this re-release and we've got quite a lot of time spent on something that's not exactly a milestone achievement. I can't say that this is the best it will ever be and god knows I've tried to get it to sound as professional and clean as possible but I'm still no pro when it comes to mixing and mastering and I can still hear things I don't like - bass being too harsh or drums being too loud or quiet etc (that's what you get when you're not using monitor speakers!). Despite this, I hope you don't judge too much and enjoy the story and the music and feel like you've experienced something a little different." SB


released February 7, 2013



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Never Light Ipswich, UK

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