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"Noir" is a sort of follow up to "Into The Infinite Darkness". Another soundtrack to a film not written or made. This time however, it's not about space or inspiration coming from science fiction films or characters but rather from classic thrillers and serial killers. And whilst much of what has inspired the album comes from films, that themselves have great soundtracks, this is inspired more by the characters, the settings, the theories and the alternative life led by many today and throughout the past. It's safe to say that the films "Se7en" and "Sin City" are a huge inspiration for much of the music here and for my wanting to some day write my own thriller screenplay. The look of Se7en in terms of its setting - everything's just incredibly grim and run down and unsafe feeling. Then there's the characters, the detectives, a rookie who hasn't been on a serial killer case before and the street-wise retiree who knows all too much of the mythology, the game and the practice that fuels such an instinct as planned murder. Even knowing so much about such things is creepy in its own way despite the character being the "good guy". Lastly the killer. Absolutely determined to the last to meet his task and to finish his masterpiece of death. Everything about that film is striking and unnerving - amazing. Sin City on the other hand, coming from a graphic novel has a completely different presentation as one would expect. It's all about the characters, each one a kind of anti-hero, my most liked of heroes, and their individual stories that centre around a very bizarre, surreal and creepy city. The look obviously inspires as well but it's the raw energy from the larger-than-life characters that totally make the film. Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis dominate as their characters, both obsessive and both 100% determined to finish what they start. But then there are other films (amongst many) such as Dirty Harry where the killer is a complete psycho and you can't help but be totally afraid of him. You've also, almost always, got the underground sleazy world of prostitution that the detectives seem to find their way into investigating during some dark, neon lit scene. To add to the mix and not at all be categorised in the same way as prostitution is the old school 1940s/50s pinup girls. I really like how young people embrace the vintage generation, rockabilly and burlesque dancing. In fact just the look of Johnny Cash - the black suit and black & white photography that still seems to be cropping up today could easily be another inspiration found in this album - just the look of the man though, not his music, I will never reach that type of legendary status. Today though, reliving the vintage generation, people do it mainly for fun and as a sort of tribute to the stars of yesteryear but back in the day it was dingy, dirty and dangerous for women to be burlesque dancers and pinups. Although not at all associated with burlesque dancing or pinups (for what I can remember), Zodiac (another Fincher film) again, has that grim look on life again but not through the setting, but more that back in the 70s (and even today still) we're very much oblivious to our insecurity and maybe too kind to strangers. I think that's what this album describes more than anything is the insecurity of women against men and not so much the good versus bad. Because what adds on to the insecurity of life is the setting of which you find yourself placed, the type of work you do and the people you know. Probably the most descriptive track of this type of scenario - of an insecure world is "City Of Chaos". Most of the less "thumpy" tracks on the album are the ones that are much associated with the "noir thriller" vision.

The best way to understand this album would probably be to watch a serial killer documentary or a classic film thriller then listen to this and let all the imagery you've just experienced, move your darkest thoughts with the music.

Hope you enjoy a little bit of what you hear and thanks for visiting.


released February 24, 2014



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Never Light Ipswich, UK

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